The Israel virtual tour Experience brings together the sights and sounds of the biblical holy land in a interactive and unique way that you can fully enjoy at your own leisure.

It’s Educational Interactive tool:
Experience the biblical Holy land combined with the modern Holy Land. learn about Jesus footsteps and the history of the tour site you choose to visit. here is just a few of the places you can visit with your interactive tour guide: The Garden Tomb, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Beatitudes church and many more.
Learn about bible time tools, health and many more. visit an Israeli street and meet Israeli characters and learn about the history of Israel the Holy Land.

It’s Inspirational tool for all Christians of all faiths to use:
It brings you closer to Jesus, his teachings and what he stood for. for all of humanity.
It gives you the sense that you could almost touch the biblical characters and it gives you a feeling of what it was like to live back in biblical times.

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If you have never visited the holy land and it was always on your mind, but you were too busy or just couldn’t afford it, Virtual Israel Tour offer you a virtual experience of the holy land. if you have or have not been in the holy land and traveled this beautiful ancient biblical land and what it has to offer, do you think in the short time you had here, you had enough time to experience and explorer everything that the Holy land has to offer?
virtual Israel tour is the first website in the world which will give its costumers a unique experience of traveling thought the Holy land with a virtual tour guide using the latest green screen technology and will let you travel the land and get the best detailed information, at your leisure.

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus, starting from the Galilee, get details about Jesus miracles and the beginning of his ministry in the Galilee.

while virtual exploring the holy land, virtual Israel tour also offers you to meet and interact with biblical and modern characters.

enjoy your virtual experience by going back to biblical times and also discovering the modern Israel with the holy sites.

The State of Israel, is located in the Middle East. it was established on May 14, 1948, as a Jewish state. its considered the Holy Land for Christians, Jews,and Muslims.

The land has a vast amount of ancient biblical sites to offer spreading from Galilee in the north to Jerusalem in the south of Israel.

Every year,many Christians from all over the world arrive at Israel to visit the holy sites that Israel has to offer and follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Virtual Israel Tour offer a virtual experience of the HolyLand and includes detailed maps, photo gallery and information with a tour guide.
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  • You have a private virtual Tour Guide using the latest green screen technology
  • Experience our unique detailed environment which also includes biblical characters wearing authentic dress from old and modern times.
  • You can use our interactive Maps,Galleries,Information and listen to gospel music and read bible passages.
  • Biblical and modern characters will also read out passages of the bible that correspond to each section of the tour you are taking.
  • We don’t limit your time and you can stay for as long as you wish giving you time to look around at your leisure.
  • Miriam will interact with you by telling you biblical stories, also new findings and get to know the biblical life and times of Jesus.
Israel Virtual Tour for all faiths of Chirstianity
Enter an experience our virtual tours with learning and detailed maps pin pointing famous Holyand sites through Israel. Our Virtual Tour Guide Miriam will lead you step by step in the footsteps of Jesus and his followers We will furnish you with detailed information by using maps ,galleries,bible scriptures and past/present information of the ancient and the modern Israel. you can also enter our virtual street tour and learn about the state of Israel,go back in time of bible and visit historical Jewish sites. Before you start you can go to instructions page to understand what is this tour offers you.
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